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Focus Financial Education Network provides two programs to assist families and students. These programs give you clarity when paying for college and paying off college loans. First, we aid families in understanding how to pay for college in the right way. Secondly, we are able to assist the students and families through their loan payoff. As a result, we have been able to impact many lives across the country. Lastly, all of our resources, reporting and strategies are provided at no cost. We are proud to be called a free resource through our partnership with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education.

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FAQ about Responsible College Advocates

How Much Does this Cost?
Resulting from our partnership with the Heartland Institute of Financial Education, a national non-profit, we are proud to be a Community Resource. For this reason, we provide all of our content, strategies, and resources at no cost, ever. As a result, we have had an impact across the country.
What is a Certified Pay-for-College Specialist?
Through our partnership, Heartland Institute of Financial Education sponsors our required certifications. With this, our specialists are trained to solve a family’s college financing problem while completing lifestyle goals. A Certified Pay-for-College Specialist is also trained on:

  • FAFSA Optimization
  • Timeline Reporting
  • Important Communication
  • And more!
What is a Certified College Debt Specialist?
Through our partnership, Heartland Institute of Financial Education sponsors certifications required for all Responsible College Advocates© advisors. As a result, a Certified College Debt Specialist is qualified to help anyone with college loans & debt. Also, from using a custom savings strategy, you can put the power of your dollar back in your hand.

Here is everything you’ll get with your custom Pay For College Blueprint

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Part 1
College Selection and Timeline

How to choose the right school for your child without setting or letting finances limit your options.

  • How to choose the RIGHT school for your child, without settling or letting finances limit your options.

  • Understanding each college’s needs-based formula so you can get the most aid for your family.

  • Get colleges to COMPETE for your son or daughter.

  • When you do this right:

  • You get more expensive schools to match the costs of less expensive ones.

  • Get $20,000-$40,000 in additional gifts over 4 years of college.


Part 2
Becoming FAFSA friendly

Not just for finanical aid. The FAFSA is to paying for college what the 1040 is for taxes. Learn how to structure your finances to leagally, morally, and ethically lower your college cost with a good FAFSA strategy.

  • Structure your finances in a legal, moral, and ethical way to lower your EFC Score and your overall cost of college.

  • Implement simple strategies to reduce debt and improve overall cash flow.

  • Show you how even those that think they make “too much money” or own a business can still get a lot of money from FAFSA.

  • When you do this right:

  • Reduce your expenses and your debt.

  • Reduce your expenses and your debt.

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Part 3
Micro Scholarships

A small but powerful key to find guaranteed money for your students. Learn which once are open to you, and how to lock them in now.

  • Use “The Gifting Formula” to find guaranteed money for your children.

  • Show you how students with mediocre grades can still qualify for these scholarships.

  • Anyone, even parents, can qualify for this free money.

  • When you do this right:

  • You can get $50,000 or more in free money, even from out of state schools.

  • Your child can afford to go to the college of their choice instead of “settling” for a school they really don’t want to go to.


Part 4
College Debt Elimination Program

Get a step-by-step guide to eliminate all college debt 4-7 years from the time your lost child graduates college… Without spending one more time than you are currently spending.

  • We’ll look at the entire financial picture and how it is impacting everything including paying for college.

  • Find money that you didn’t know was available to you.

  • Show you how your children can actually create savings while paying down debt.

  • When you do this right:

  • Cut the number of years it takes to pay off debt down to 4-7 years.

  • Save thousands on interest that can now be saved.


Part 5
Job Preparedness

A good pay-for-college plan can set your child up for a stellar career without a crushing debt burden that so often accompanies it.

  • How to create a database and network, even before your child goes to college.

  • Where to get great internships and job shadowing programs.

  • The best way to use social media so they don’t lose a job opportunity.

  • When you do this right:

  • Save a lot of money by graduating in four years instead of floundering for six years or more.

  • Be sure your child is on the right career path and has a job as soon as they graduate.

Family Success Stories

Nichols Family

3 Children
Saved $200,001
Added $11,838 Per Year
in Retirement Income

McDavid Family

2 Children
Saved $96,736
Increased Tax-Free
Retirement Income by $17,000 Per Year

Zelinski Family

1 Child
Saved $80,783
Added $36,469 Per Year
in Retirement Income

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