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Dear Friend,

You’ve spent years working your fingers to the bone…

Saving every nickel, dime and penny from your well deserved paycheck.

Now your eyes are on the golden years of hitting golf balls, going on tropical cruises and spending more time with loved ones…

But this will not be the reality for many seniors…

The truth is the market can swallow your retirement at any moment.

We’ve seen it time and time again…

From the $5 trillion loss during the dot com bubble…

The $74 billion drained during the Enron scandal…

And thousands felt the financial sting during the housing market crash of 2008.

Seniors across the country watched as their accounts drained little by little…

Until we woke up to a $2 trillion loss in wealth for the global economy.

Those who had $100,000 in the
market would have to work 8 years
just to break even on what they lost…

Unfortunately, the economy is in a similar bubble right now.
Inflation is on the rise at 7.5% rate since January of this year and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon…

What does this mean for you?

The impact we’re seeing on the economy right now are reducing 401k returns for the next 20 years to come. Here’s what one expert said:

That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your retirement is
stored in the right places.

So we’ve gathered the top 7 mistakes inside a free
book to show you how to keep your money out of
the hands of the unpredictable market
and secure your financial future.

Within the Pages of This Free Book, You’ll Quickly Discover The Innocent Mistakes Leaking Thousands Out of Your Retirement Account Right Now

Chapter 1 – 401(k) Tax Implications and Mistakes

  • Not understanding how to maximize tax breaks when you age beyond 50 (pg. 12)
  • ​Cashing out your retirement too early and how it can cost you more than just a hefty withdrawal fee (pg. 13)
  • ​How the tax bill for 401(k) withdrawals is placing hard-working seniors into a higher income tax bracket (pg. 15)
  • The hidden “social security plug” that drains away your benefits as you start collecting distributions from your 401(k) payouts (pg. 16)

Chapter 2 –The Risk of Being in the Market as You Near Retirement

  • Why placing retirement money in “safe stocks” is more risky than seniors think (pg. 18)
  • ​The real length it takes to recover losses after a stock market crash (and what to do instead so you collect better returns) (pg. 20)
  • ​How keeping your money stored in a few “safe stocks” are more dangerous than you think (pg. 20)
  • The secret behind getting your company to contribute to your 401(k) after you retire instead of putting money into the account yourself (pg. 21)

Chapter 3 –Not Understanding Rollovers

  • Think rolling over RMD’s into another 401(k) or IRA is a good idea? This innocent mistake can damage your RMD more than a few percentages (pg. 23).
  • ​Why you should NEVER miss the rollover window after leaving your employer (pg. 24)
  • The best time in retirement to do an in-direct rollover so you can avoid high penalties (pg. 26)
  • The small yet tight limitations of traditional IRA rollovers that tack on heavy taxes for seniors (pg. 27)
  • 2 core problems behind rolling over the same type of property and rolling over at the same time that block your account from growing (pg. 28)

Chapter 4 –Mistakes With Roth Conversions

  • The small but deadly mistake most seniors make with conversions gives the government a pass to pick-pocket your 401(k) savings (pg. 31)
  • ​How paying taxes out of your Roth IRA instead of moving it into a new account splits the account by up to 50% (pg. 31)
  • Why rolling over a 401(k) into an IRA then converting it to a Roth increases your conversion costs and a higher tax amount (pg. 32)
  • The top types of assets to convert into a Roth account so you can start making RMDs (pg. 32)

Chapter 5 –Making Minimum Required Distribution Errors

  • When is the best time to take your RMDs out to avoid income taxes (pg. 35)
  • ​The high cost of multiple RMDs in one year that puts a hamper on your social security (pg. 35)
  • Are you confident in the amount you’re withdrawing from your RMDs? This section will show you the exact amount to withdraw so you can avoid fines (pg. 36)
  • The special RMD rules that you MUST follow if you’re working past the age of 72 (pg. 38)
  • What to do if your 401(k) administrations want to take your investments across board so you don’t loss stocks or other funds (pg. 39)
  • The biggest accident married individuals make when pulling out cash from their 401(k) that causes the IRS to instantly flag their account (pg. 39)

Chapter 6 –Not Getting the Beneficiary Set Up Correctly

  • Why assuming the spouse is automatically the beneficiary causes high taxes once the other spouse passes away (pg. 41)
  • ​The top 3 problems that occur when you name the estate as the beneficiary that can cause a financial battle for the property (pg. 42)
  • Thinking of naming both you and your spouse as the beneficiary with no contingent beneficiaries? This section will reveal the consequences (pg. 43)
  • How not accounting for unexpected life changes can affect your account (pg. 44)

Chapter 7 –Fees, Old Accounts, & Too Many Accounts

  • The two massive 401(k) fees hiding in your terms that thousands of seniors overlook (pg. 47)
  • ​Why not knowing what to do with your old 401(k) or forgetting the plan altogether causes you to miss out on investment opportunities (pg. 42)

Plus… the biggest Wall Street lie that causes seniors to lose thousands of dollars from their accounts every year.

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Our Economy is Riding a Slippery Slope
That Will Drastically Impact Seniors
For the Next 20 Years

Social security is fading into the shadows each day that passes by…

Just a 1% rise in inflation decreases the seniors’ social security benefits by $34,401.

And with a 7.5% increase in inflation just this year…

There will be nothing for hard-working people like us to fall back on if our 401(k) is drained.

This is the exact reason we’ve released this powerful free book to save seniors everywhere from the clutches of the market…

By reversing and avoiding the mistakes laid out in this book, you’ll be able to secure your wealth and keep every last penny you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

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