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Without Webinars, Seminars or Selling Virtually

Tuesday, October 4th, 2022, 10 PST/11 MST/12 CST/1 EST.

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Tired of attending webinars that teach you nothing and just pitch you a product?

That’s why we’ve put this training together.

We’ve been working with hundreds of advisors over the last two years.

And during that time we discovered a proven sales system that advisors are using to consistently close $1 Million in new annuity business within 90 days of implementing it.

Now we want to share with you everything on this new training we’re releasing to the public for the first time.

On this training you’ll discover…

  • How you can generate an additional 6 figure income stream each year by making this one simple shift in your sales process.
  • How you can get clients to believe it was their idea to buy from you using something called “inception”.
  • The three step sales process that will separate you from the competition and help you close 2X more business.
  • Why Referral Authority appointments are the best type of appointments.
  • Why it’s twice as hard to close if you don’t know how to extract pain.
  • How you can remove your prospect’s preconceived agenda and replace it with yours.
  • Why establishing Authority quickly will increase your sales by 15-20%, and it will help them trust you before they ever talk to you.
  • Why one of the biggest mistakes advisors make is not removing risk, and how you can do it quickly and easily.

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